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South Florida Film Acting Resources

This page was created as a resource for actors in South Florida to better develop their skills and to find ways to increase their chances for finding productions.

Acting Classes
The first step in the process begins with learning to act. This may seem intuitive, and yet it sometimes gets overlooked.

The makers of this website teach acting classes through THEY improv. Their South Florida acting classes can help you to improve auditioning skills, enhance performance and create a more positive attitude that is appreciated by productions. Go to the THEY improv website at for more information about their upcoming class schedule.

There are, of course, plenty of other options for learning acting in the area.

Become An Extra
While we don't recommend extra work for professional actors, it is a way to get involved in productions and to support the film community of South Florida. Most casting agencies now work with casting extras as well. The important thing is to be polite and make their jobs easier. Extra's are not supposed to be hard to work with. You need to make everyone's lives easier and more enjoyable. Do that, and you will be sought after for extra work. Becoming a pain is the quickest way to not be called.

It is important to have proper headshots and resumes for your efforts at landing that next big part. There are many people that can take your photos, but few specialize in producing top-quality headshots for the professional actor.

Bob Lasky Headshots

While South Florida is a non-union state, it is important to recognize the value that unions provide. Links are provided here for you to find out more about the unions that handle this field.

SAG AFTRA - Screen Actors Guild / American Federation of TV and Radio Artists
Actors' Equity - more for stage



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